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Jet Melt adhesive system ™

Jet melt adhesive 3M easy to use, used on a variety of materials for bonding fast. From wood to polystyrene to potting electronics to mounting on circuit boards, various uses for a great ease of use via the new 3M professional applicators for hot-melt adhesives series Jet melt. 3M Jet Melt the system is as easy and simple exists to paste Instantly dissimilar materials in a simple gesture thanks to applicators comfortable and easy to handle. The line Hot Melt pastes tenaciously, also with excellent results filler, different materials from plastics more difficult and with the presence of plasticizers, to wood, glass, light materials such as paper, cardboard and polystyrene. The versatility of the system Jet Melt is also widely recognized in the fields of electrical and food, for microelectronics and packaging. Solvent-free, are then shown in as safe and harmless to the environment.

Jet Melt adhesive system ™

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