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Double sided tapes

Double sided tapes are part of the family of technical tapes and are widely used in industry and crafts. It is a double sided tape with a holder that can be of different nature (polyester, polythene, foams ...), adhesive on both sides and consists of a liner that can be siliconized paper or plastic .

The double-sided tape has many uses, but its basic function is to join two surfaces , also of different nature, and not permanently, without the aid of welds, screws or rivets . For this reason, the double-sided tape is very appreciated for its versatility and speed of application.

adhesive strength of a double-sided tape can be affected by various factors such as the cleaning of the surface, the application temperature, the roughness of the materials and the surface of contact of the adhesive with the material. To obtain optimum adhesion, reliable and therefore a result that lasts over time, the surfaces must be clean, dry, compact and at room temperature.

Double sided tapes

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